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Come & Join us to celebrate the coming of Chinese New Year with brushes & Ink 🖌️🎨

🎉It's the year of Dragon🎉

10th of Febuary - Forest Hill Library 11 am -1:30 pm

15th of Febuary - Dulwich Library 11 am -12:30 pm

16th of Febuary - Crofton Park Library 11:30 am  to 1 pm

17th of Febuary - Manor House Library 2:30 pm - 4 pm

21st of Febuary  -Coplestone Community Centre 11 am-12:30 pm

23rd of Febuary - Sydenham Community Library 2:30 pm-4 pm

To register, please email chineseclass@hornby.org.uk

Dulwich Library 

Crofton Park Library

Sydenham Library

Manor House Library 

A relaxing & mindful Retreat

Sutable for aged 3 +to 99 

Booking is advised 

If your school or organisation would like to book a session to enrich your setting with an extra curriculum, or treat your team to a mindful & cultural event, Chinese Class offers sessions listed here:

Option1 -  Chinese Class Club (30 minutes) x 10 weeks lesson termly

Option 2 - Chinese Festival Specials (60 miniutes) -  Chinese New Years, Mid Autumn or Moon Festival

Option 3 - The Story of Chinese Words with Brush Art (45 minutes - Intro Class) (90 minutes - Extented Class) ( 45 minutes x 10 weeks Club lesson termly) 

Option 4 - Chinese Calligraphy Club (45 minutes - Intro Class) (90 minutes - Extented Class) ( 45 minutes x 10 weeks Club lesson termly) 

Option 5 - Chinese as an additional language 30 minutes - Intro Clas) (45 minutes - Extented Class) ( 45 minutes x 10 weeks Club lesson termly) 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on  chineseclass@hornby.org.uk  

New Playlist Out on Youtube Now

Subscribe to Ms Carry's Chinese Story  Be the first one to subscribe to it! We are delighted to announce that Ms Carry Hornbyhas released a collection of Chinese Story from fairy tales, poem to bedtime story via spotify and other platforms. It comes as individal episode or an album. Hope you all find something to enjoy. 

Animated Art on Chinese Words 

 Animated Brush Art on Chinese Words by Ms Carry aailable to view at youtube channel now.

Chinese Art Gallery Exhibition 

This painitng is created by Ms Carry Hornby  who is a contemporary challigraphy artist. To mark the year of Rabbit, two rabbits are featured on a restful sitting position. They are  apart, yet facing each other with support. The space around  for growth is highlighted in the painting. Accompanied with the paininting is bamboo which symbolises righteousness along  side it is a blessing phrase to wish all a peaceful and smooth year ahead!

Past Events Photo Gallery 

Dulwch Library 

Forest Hill Library 

AMOS Sport International 

Dulwich Library

St John's Church Goose Green

St John's Church Goose Green

St John's East Dulwich 

Blackheath Art Studio

Chinese Class Past events Photo Memory Gallery 

Forest Hill  Library 

Sydenham Community Library 

Crofton Park Library 

Forest Hill Community Garden Group

East Dulwich St Johns

East Dulwich St Johns