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Chinese Language as an extra Curriculum 


Chinese Class has been helping children in learning Chinese as additional language. It is established by Ms Carry Hornby since 2004. Ms Carry is a qualified teacher with more than 18 years experience. She taught at Chinese school and have been running classes, workshops, as well as Chinese brush art sessions at various settings including schools, libraries and churches. Chinese Class teams up with Forest Library, Crofton park Library taking part at the Lewisham Cultural Borough Programme. Recently its recent visits to Southwark Borough Library including Canada Water and Dulwich Library have received overwhelming reception by childrne and parents alike. It is an acting example to promote cultural diversity and support language, communication and literacy development. Other cultural partnership includes Chinese Class as an extra curriculum at schools, Chinese Brush Art workshop and the Story of Chinese Words, as well as Chinese Story Podcast Series through various platforms.

Book with us for a mindful experience or a cultural talk to your event 

If you or your school would like to book with us for a mindful & a cultural talk froyour event, Chinese Class offers sessions listed here:

Option1-  Chinese Class Club (30 minutes) x 10 weeks lesson termly

Option 2 - Chinese Festival Specials (60 miniutes) -  Chinese New Years, Mid Autumn or Moon Festival

Option 3 - The Story of Chinese Words with Brush Art (45 minutes - Intro Class) (180 minutes - Extented Class) ( 45 minutes x 10 weeks Club lesson termly) 

Option 4 - Chinese Calligraphy Club (45 minutes - Intro Class) (180 minutes - Extented Class) ( 45 minutes x 10 weeks Club lesson termly) 

Option 5 - Chinese as an additional language (45 minutes - Intro Class) (180 minutes - Extented Class) ( 45 minutes x 10 weeks Club lesson termly) 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on via  

Ms Carry's Chinese Story Podcast for Children  

Ms Carry starts Ms Carry's Chinese Story Podcast in 2020 with an aim to share her favourite stories in Chinese to children by making it availabel through Spotify, Google Postcast, Anchor and othe podcast channels to enable access to fun and interesting audio resoruce for Chinese learning along side Classes & You Tube Channels to provide an all round Chinese learning opportunities for children. 

Ms Carry & Chinese Class

Ms Carry's Chinese Class  was founded by Ms. Huang (also known as Ms Carry ). She enjoys small group teaching in her small home classroom environment. Ms. Carry was born in Taiwan, a native Mandarin speaker. She completed BA Hons in Early Year education in 2009 at Greenwich University. In 2011, she was awarded by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills with Early Years Professional Status (EYPS).  She was an OCAC trained Mandarin teacher and qualified Chinese tutor. Ms. Carry worked as a visit teacher at Lewisham Chinese school before setting up Chinese Class at South East London. Now She involves in the preschool overall curriculum plan and the operation of Honor Oak Preschool alongside her Chinese teaching and Chinese learning curriculum plan & resource design. She is an advocate for early langauge learning and early literacy development in year years.  

Ms Carry's Chinese Story for Children 

Apart from her teaching routine, Ms Carry has been devoting a huge amount of time to develop & design learning resources. She  starts Ms Carry's Chinese Story Podcast Project in 2020 with an aim to share her favourite Chinese story to children through podcast channels for children without the limits of time & space. Four seasons of Chinese Story episodes have been carefully selected, blended and recorded. With the sponsorship available, Ms Carry hopes to produce more episodes. Ms Carry's Chinese Class Your Tube Channel provides a rich resource for leaners who are interested in explore more the story of Chinese Words. 

    Where to Listen 

Visit Ms Carry's Chinese Story For Children Podcast Website here  

 Available Listening Stations  - Spotify Station     Apple Podcast    Spotify Podcast   Google Podcast

        Radio Public Station      SoundCloud      Wordpress    Amazon   

Where to read 

Radio Public StationAmazon Kindle

To accompany the podcast, a number of selected podcast episodes have been highlighted in the article section at Radio Public Station & in Amazon Kindle. The aim is to support leaners who are learning to read or already can read confidently with extending comprehension activities. All prints are written in simplified characters. Hope many of you can make use of it. 

Where to watch 

Ms Carry's Chinese Class Youtube Channel  is a resource hub for Chinese Class students and Ms Carry's Chinese Story Podcast listeners to access. It covers topics from the Story of Chinese Characters, basic conversations, to culture features and other highlights. Ms Carry's love for Chinese Calligraphy leads her to the series of exploring Chinese Characters. It is fun, interesting and mind engaging! 

Lesson 1-  The story of Chinese Words relating to People   

Lesson 2-  The Story of Chinese Words relating to Eye       

Lesson 3 - The Story of Chinese Words relating to Water  

Lesson 4 - Name of shapes, Colours, Animals, Count up to 10

Lesson 5 - Learning Chinese by Singing - Love! ,Shoe Shopping

Chinese Class at Honor Oak Preschool 

Locally Ms Carry has been the driving force for the setup of  Honor Oak Preschool in London. The marriage of Chinese Class and Honor Oak Preschool has proved to be a happy one. The provision of high quality teaching, and fun learning in Chinese language as extra curriculum for children from age 2+ supports the Early Year Foundation Stage Curriculum for pre-school aged children. It has regarded as a distinctive feature among local nursery schools and Pre-schools. Honor Oak Preschool is a proud sponsor to Ms Carry's Chinese Story for Children Podcast Project. To learn more about this outstanding preschool in London, please visit, where you can find learning resources for English Language including HOP bookstore, and Hop Children Story Collection Podcast. 

Chinese Books Recommendation 

HOP Children's Book Store  has a section for Chinese language that you might find  it useful.  

Hop Children's Book Store Chinese Book Recommendation

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