Chinese Class Syllabus 

There are three levels including Foundation Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level. All students are expected to start from the Foundation levels and work towards to intermediate levels before moving up to the advance levels. Here is an outline of each teaching focus on different stages. Each level is 3 school terms annually, and 10 weeks taught lesson termly.

Foundation Level  

Children will learn Chinese basic phonics, nursery songs, foundation of Chinese character stokes, young children's reader, and books. The emphasis of this stage will be on children's listening, and speaking through adult led classes and activities.

Intermediate Level 

Children will extend their learning from foundation level into more advanced level in Chinese Phonics and readers, Chinese characters writing recognition and Chinese children's reader. Children are working to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills built from the foundation level and extending to advanced level.

Advance Level 

Children will be introduced to further Chinese readers through selective learning books. This will be led by your native Chinese teacher. She will work with you to improve your command in Chinese pronunciation, conversation, text comprehension, and Chinese characters and phrases building in speaking, listening, writing as well as reading comprehesion.  

中文教室 Registration & Admission 

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